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Im not a celebrity. Im not the child of a celebrity.  I have
never been married to, never been abused by, and never
provided a kidney for transplantation into any celebrity.
Furthermore, I have no desire to be a celebrity.
from: Odd Thomas
by: Dean Koontz
maryjean: secretary extraordinaire! me, Karin

It looks as though I still have new skills to hone.. Whoopee for me!! It seems that Heavenly Father wont let cobwebs form in this aging mind.  I have more stretching, growing and discomfort in store for me. Not only has looking for jobs here in Logan caused some anxiety, it now looks as though my mind will get some sharpening as I go to church each Sunday too.  I have received a new calling (job, responsibility, stewardship) in church.  They (the bishopric) just asked me to serve as the Primary Secretary.  Thats another new challenge for me!
(We have been successful in lying low  for a few months. I think the members here have been wondering if we are for real, or just flighty, transient dodgers!! Well no more!!
Im not sure yet what is involved with this new responsibility. I assume its  things like roll taking, scheduling, keeping track of pertinent dates, ie  -keeping track of 8 yr olds and baptism dates, birthdays cards, going to meetings of course, plus oodles of paper work.
I do know that the secretary I was privileged to served with  when I was Young Women's President was invaluable to me and our organization.  She kept me informed, dealt with the Stake and the information they sent out at regular intervals. She  was also full of creative ideas, and was a spiritual giant!! She kept me on my toes!!!
May I rise to the occasion, I pray.
  What better way to become acquainted and involved in this new ward of ours. Working and serving the younger children, 3-11 yr olds, could and should be quite enjoyable. (May I banish the memory of the 11 yr old boys reducing me to tears my very first time serving  in a Primary capacity, about 28 yrs ago.)  I now have thicker skin, more experience with children, and a much better sense of humor!! How can I now take what kids say and do so personally, which is what I must have done back then?  Raising my own kids, and having been through teenage-hood must have by now broken me down to a state of gooey putty! Im a Mimi!! Silly Putty is a good thing and I like me that way!!
Please let  me know what you think it takes to be a good secretary!! Im open to suggestions!
Do I need a steno pad
or the know how to make great coffee?  te he
or maybe
a great big notebook and some computer skills,
a willing heart, and remembering that our church is a record keeping church will suffice.
Wish me luck friends!!


Dixie Mom said...

That's awesome! You will love it in there!

Pam Hill said...

Congratulations on your new calling! There's always a chance to serve, learn and grow in this church, that's certain. I think you hit it on the head with what is needful for a secretary. All that you said, and a willingness to do what your president asks of you. Good luck!