Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Respect is not fear and awe: it denotes, in
accordance with the root of the word 
respicere=to look at, the ability to see
a person as he is, to be aware of unique
individuality...means the concern that
the other person should grow and unfold as he is.
from: The Art of Loving
by: Erich Fromm

 Logan...a wanna be cowboy
If dirt is any indication of a good time...then dear Liam was in HEAVEN!!
Beckham is a NOT wanna-be least not yet!!

There is nothing like sitting on the back of a horse and racing along a trail to help  forget ones troubles. Arent simple pleasures a blessing.  I am so grateful when they come my way.
Once again, while My Builder stayed home, building and getting his hands dirty and a kink in his back doing a landscape job...I went  and played with horses and the grands.    I can make myself feel less guilty about my behavior by thinking about my future and how 'constricted' I may soon be feeling once I get a full time job. When this happens I will no longer have weekends like the one I just enjoyed. So eat drink and be merry for tomorrow I may be employed!!
So play I did!!!
I rode horses without boots...until I scraped  a few layers of skin off the fleshy soft spot on the inside of my ankle. I played 'til those old, long neglected riding muscles began to protest....especially on the inside of my knees.
I played with the grands and my brother at the community pool, even though I couldnt rummage up my swimsuit anywhere...I got plenty wet any way.
In a way this all feels like a last Hurrah for me. Brian played, Joe, Rob and Clark too...all before school starts...and work begins for maugh!!
So My Builder and I reveled in the company of the grands as we watched the neighborhood fireworks for the 24th...Pioneer Day!! Ending the long weekend with a BANG!
Im so grateful for our family that lives in Salt Lake; who are so willing to bunk us, feed us and sometimes entertain us too.  I was rodeoed, and walked; I relaxed, read, visited, got rained on and soaked in some rays.
Returning home meant returning to reality. It's reminiscent of those days of yore, when you knew summer was almost over and school was looming.  Im feeling unsure about what's in store...or at least unclear on the details. But I feel the change coming.  Full time employment will cramp my style but at the same time it'll open new possibilities, challenges and unknowns....all things I enjoy, usually.
So stay tuned...for further updates.

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