Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
If a man is to lose his fortune, it is a
 good thing if he were poor before he
 acquired it, for poverty requires aptitude.
from: March
by: Geraldine Brooks

Lately I've been taking everything thats going on around me ...or not going on around me...very personally.
Im going through a difficult time of late.
Sometimes its hard to get out of bed...and sometimes its hard to sleep at night. ..a new and unnerving experience for me.
Here's the list...
*The morning glory that I've been nurturing carefully along by my front door wont flower. Another vain attempt to gussy up the place with beautiful purple trumpets.

*The darling little red squirrel that shared the  tree tops every morning right outside my bedroom window, with the apples and pinecones and what must have been an enticing power line...died a terrible he strayed to close to the transformer and caused an explosion that woke us up from a peaceful sleep. ( and left us without power for an hour or so.)  And now he's dead, and no doubt a little crispy...he didnt stand a chance; cold, vacant eyes staring up at the offending power pole. I will miss him.

*When the apricots were deliciously ripe and ready to harvest...I couldnt partake.  I had jars and an appetite ready and waiting.

*Birds aren't tempted by bird feeders in this town. Its perplexing and it hurts my feelings.

* Job hunting is detrimental to my ego. Is it really Obama's fault or is it just that Im old and have a waddled neck? Or just no talent?

*Brian's plans have changed. I dont blame him.  And now hes moving away...for better opportunities.  To go to school, work and  socialize. Hopefully he'll find a more soliciting student ward in Salt Lake...darn you Logan!  He reached out and you didnt respond!

*My new laptop requires me to learn new things..makes me feel inept.  Thank heavens for Clark..or these blog pages might grow dim.

*No funds for any extras.

*More time at the mill by the real rise in income. Building a business from the ground up isnt for whusses! Grow faster dang it. More cash for the effort please.

* Hot flashes/no air/heat wave.

*My mom's not feeling well..doctors trying to figure it out.

*More hikers in St George than they have hiking guides. sigh  Good for Desert Cliffs...sad for me.

So  there you have a nut shell,with a little whine on top.

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