Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Calvin says somewhere that each of us is
an actor on stage and God is the audience.
That metaphor has always interested me, be-
cause it makes us artists of our behavior, and
the reaction of God to us might be thought of 
as aesthetic rather than morally judgmental in
the ordinary sense.  How well do we understand
our role?  With how much assurance do we 
perform it?  I do like Calvin's image, though,
because it suggests how God might  actually
enjoy us.  I believe we think about that far to little.
from: Gilead
by: Marilynne Robinson

My daughter says it'll be good for me.
MyBuilder said I'll give it 110%.

3 weeks ago I was extended a call to serve at church. A call that was fairly easy and very low secretary in the Primary. It was new and something I'd never done before..and I was already settling in.( I felt  I dodged a bullet.)
Then this week the  bishop calls...wants to meet with me again.  Its never a 'good' thing when a bishop calls...bishops stir the pot.  I didnt need stirring...I was content.  (NEVER, NEVER let that thought slip from your lips...its bad  kismet.  Thus the call from the bishop.)
There was small talk in his office.  My Builder is good at small talk, thank heaven. Then he looks at me across his paper strewn desk and says, "We'd like to call you as the Relief Society President."

"You've got to be kidding me!!!"  I actually did say it.
Next I sorely exclaimed,  "I dont know anyone!!" (does that sound should, the same thing happened when I was asked to be Young Womens President.)
The bishop replies, " That's ok, it'll come."  (a man of few words.)

What is it with God...
Lately He seems to derive great pleasure in pulling the rug out from under me.
I accept these callings 'cause I desperately need the blessings.  For I do believe if I am willing to serve in whatever capacity Im asked...then Im bound to be blessed in some manner...right?? Just like I dont dare not pay tithing...I dont dare question from whence a call comes...whether it be from a desperate bishop or it be yet another teaching moment brought to me by God...I accept...with fear and trepidation.   If Heavenly Father has a modicrium of faith in me, I'll attempt to rise to the occasion.
Sometimes its blind, stupid faith to accept, such as it was when they asked me to be Young Womens President in St George, and now with this startling calling of being responsible for all the women in this unique ward.

I seemed to know there was a change a brew'in...but once again I was blindsided by this one.
Once again I ask for your prayers.
Once again Im grateful for a good husband who is encouraging and supportive.

And I am grateful for the feeling of peace that has already begun settling down over me as I contemplate whats ahead.  So much to learn, so much to do!!! I think my daughter is right...I so need this right now.
God is in charge. Thank heaven

Happy Sabbath to you.
I suppose this will be one of the last peaceful, relaxing Sundays for me......
The new work begins soon.


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Jared and Carly Reid said...

WOW! You will be incredible!!!!!!!