Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
 ...he was often made uneasy by this modern age
of affection, young men and women holding hands
in public, kissing good-bye on the subway trains.
There was nothing about these gestures he had 
understood.  He had believed that what a man
felt in his heart was a private matter and so 
should remain within him, but he had never 
had so much in his heart before.
from: Bel Canto
by: Ann Patchett

 We had a wonderful couple of days in Salt Lake...
The highlight was the charming wedding of  my cousins daughter Christie.
The ceremony was held up Millcreek a lovely setting ....Log Haven.
It was wonderful to reconnect with family that I havent seen in years.  It makes me sad to think how easy it is to let these connections go.  Christie was a BEAUTIFUL bride...and her husband seems to be a dear man, who was not embarrassed to shed a few  tears of joy as Christie appeared through the trees in her gorgeous gown...glowing with happiness.

being with Joe and Debbie is always cause for fun!!

 Peter and JonPaul are to the far right.

chill'in at the Ehlerts- with Uncle Matt and the tractor...

Feel'in so grateful for family once again.  For the Ehlerts easy hospitality and for Clark and Jenna taking the time to come up for a visit. For spending time with friends and nieces and nephews...for all the rich blessings I enjoy!!  And for the  great beauty that surrounds us here in Utah.  Simple pleasures!!!

Peace Friends!!!


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