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Q is for Never Quitting!!!

It is a popular fact that nine-tenths of the brain
is not used and , like most popular facts, it is
wrong.  Not even the most stupid Creator 
would go to the trouble of making the human
head carry around several pounds of 
unnecessary grey goo if its only real purpose
was, for example, to serve as a delicacy for certain
remote tribesman in unexplored valleys. It is used.
 And one of the functions is to make the miraculous
 seem ordinary and to turn the unusual into the usual.
from: Small Gods
by: Terry Pratchett

One is never too old to learn.  I learn new things all the time.  Every day there is something new.  Earwigs are the bane of gardening. The microscopic world is awe inspiring. Patience is a virtue.

Now it seems that ALL my boys are once again on the path of scholarly learning! I never would have thats not true...I have dreamed...a lot...of this achievement  for all my boys.
Brian is home from his mission and is going to enroll in college.It may be hard for some to understand, but this is  another hard thing for him to do, yet he's going to do it!!  Robby is beginning his second semester of college here his desire to become a nurse drives him to do the hard things...the things that dont come naturally to him either. (or at least thats what he used to think. Now he knows better!!!)  Joe is  also beginning a whole new chapter in his life...with much encouragement from his good wife. He is taking the up the comfort, praise and surety of job he does well, and is starting college in the fall. He is relocating and starting new.  This is scary and risky stuff for the father of 3.
 I couldnt be more proud of these sons and fathers and husbands.
Clark is thriving and working so hard at his college endeavors as well.  We are a bit envious and marvel at how 'easy' it seems for him, compared to the rest of us....but oh well. And David too, has chosen the more challenging way in  going back to school to attain a Phd.  What amazing examples these men are  to each other and to their children.
And now its time for some Mimi advise: whether you want it or not...'cause thats what moms do...

Not quitting and enduring is a sign of true greatness. So there is already greatness in each of YOU. Not comparing yourselves to a quality of true greatness.  Please dont let the illusion of what others may think is 'great' overcome you on your journey in this life.  You boys are quietly and consistently doing the things you ought to be doing. Day in and day out.  You are always engaged in good causes; always willing to help. You are honest, kind, hardworking...every single day!!! You men are quiet hero's your family and friends and to me!! . This is what matters most. And even though Clark and Brian arent married yet...this is their hearts be good fathers and husbands, like their brothers are.   This might not be what the world thinks of as being a hero...but I know quite a few people who do know you are a hero and count on their hero's every day.  Getting up every day..making the efforts every day with the day to day little things is what leads to greatness.  Think of all the thousands of things you do every day, the little deeds and service you extend to your family, neighbors and community and church. Think of the sacrifices you make..which truly means you are giving or "losing" your own life for the sake of so many others in your life and for your God. You are doing your best even though it may often feel like drudgery or common-place and is a struggle...yet you go on.

A prophet of God once said:
"Those things which we call extraordinary, remarkable, or unusual may make history,
but they do not make real life.  After all, to do well those things which God ordained to
be the common lot of all mankind, is the truest greatness.  To be a successful father
or a successful mother is greater than to be a successful general or a successful statesman."

Brian still has a clear and vivid recollection of what its like to do ones best at the risk of failing...he left families behind in California that he came to love  and who came close to receiving the Gospel, and  in the end did not.....yet.  And every day he still got out of bed and tried it all again...continuing on.... All these boys served difficult, trying missions...and now  they are all adding the gaining of knowledge to the list of marvelous things they are doing to improve themselves and in the process they change the lives of those around them that love and adore them!! I know that each of them will continue to persevere in whatever comes their way...because each of them needs to  know and believe that in doing so they are making the world a better place by helping others and bringing happiness to those they love and to themselves.   This is true greatness!!
So please remember boys..that I LOVE you!! Remember that doing the things that God has ordained as important and needful and necessary, even though the world may see those things as unimportant and even insignificant, will eventually lead to your true greatness. Not quitting is the key!! So go and conquer my handsome men!!! You can do anything you set your minds to!!!


Anna said...

I LOVE that picture!!!!!! Very nice post mom!

Dixie Mom said...

A sweet post Momma. You have a beautiful bunch of boys there. I am so proud of them for choosing the road of education. President Hinckley said that we should get as much education as we can. In the long run, not only does it help us here on earth....but that is something we get to take with us. Thank you for raising men who show the rest of us the way.

Lisa said...

The picture is awesome...the men in the picture are awe-inspiring. Keep up the great work, guys!

Pam Hill said...