Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"No theory ever benefited by the application
of data Amy.  Data kills theories.  A theory
has no better time than when it's lying there
naked, pure, unsullied by facts.  Let's just
keep it that way for a while."
from: Fluke
by: Christopher Moore

We are gardening every day!! It is my therapy and counselor...
I walk out there countless check on the advancing sprouts...
to water and nurture and encourage growth...

We now know that a deer has located our garden spot...and we wonder what measures we will need to take to discourage him from tasting the tips of our raspberry bushes and the tops of the pepper plants.  No real damage yet...but we fear the possible devastation...and  Now each morning we go out worrying about what might have made the perfect mid-night snack for the interloper...dang it.

This week the watering system is in and buried.  The irrigation water has arrived. The duck pond is now ready for the overflow fill the tank.  Corn is up,  as are the beans.

 flower gladden Mimi's heart

 I seem to have no luck in getting sweet peas to grow!! I wanted them to flourish...just for their fragrant blooms and cheerful dispositions!!  dang it again.

Some invisable creature is dining on our bean sprouts and on the baby cucumber shoots!! dangit!! But...thank heavens no one seems interested in our yummy, tender lettuce!! Whew!!!


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