Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I have a sudden vision of life without Rich.{Bob}
It would not be like falling through space without
a safety net, it would be like falling through space
with a parachute but having no planet to land on.
from: A Three Dog Life
by: Abigail Thomas

Here it is ..our 32nd wedding anniversary.
32 years...WOW
32 years, and here we are...  in a 'starter' apartment...again
Struggling like newlyweds again.
But of course there are differences.
We have 5 AMAZING children now..
2 remarkable daughter-in-laws..
1 gifted and dear son-in-law..
and 8 adorable, and adored,  talented grandchildren!!!
We derive a great deal of strength, pride, light and hope from all these dear people. When we speak of them our hearts swell with gratitude for their goodness, for their love and attention.  Truly they're what gets us up in the morning...that and our optimism that our situation can and will soon improve once again.
My Builder is a remarkable man. He is a builder of hope, courage and faith.  As we gain in years- he just gets better. Our refiners fire has/is minting my man into the perfect precious gem. One can only imagine how hard the last 3 years have been for one who has been so successful, hardworking, and generous in the endeavors hes taken on.  He has now found himself in unfamiliar territory...yet even now he is driven, determined and ever faithful each and every day as he pursues this new work.  This is why I can sleep at night and have so much hope and faith.
My Good Builder has had to put up with me...
Me...who isnt the champion that he has been in hiding my disappointments and oft felt despair. Me, who sometimes wears her fear and heartache on her sleeve. As President Hunter once said, I am guilty of "walking on my lower lip..when difficult moments happen."  (good visual of me at times.)
May my Love know here and now how grateful I am that he has the patience of Job in dealing with me and my unpredictable emotions. May he know that his optimism is contagious...for I know he knows that I sometimes slip and grumble under my trodden lip.
Please know that I notice your amazing work-ethic my are not to be distracted from what you see as success and prosperity..soon.
And your thick-skin is sexy and surely must contain super-powers, for there are others that doubt and wonder what you are doing, and you are  ignoring them  and press on!

On the whole we have always been an optimistic pair...and this attitude has been a gift and a blessing to each of us.  And even though its much easier for My Builder to speak of the "whens" that he feels are soon to materialize, (I too often use the "ifs")...we have each others back, always, and thats what really matters.
So when I get in that tearful, simmering, emotional state..which is more often than I like to admit, I find it soon passes, because My Builder works on and on, never giving up. And then he rubs my feet or fixes a tiresome squeak that pierced the walls of this place for two days, or he make me laugh and NEVER complains about anything...expect that I leave the front door open...or he fixes my bike so I can go sweat away my grief, or he builds me shelves to help gussy up the place as much as I can.
I think My Builder is amazing!! He is one of a kind and a near saint to put up with me and all my quirks. He is my life, my light and my ROCK!! How did I get to be so lucky and blessed?!

Happy Anniversary My Love!! I Love You!!!



Carly Reid said...

congrats!! woohoo!!!!! you are an amazing pair!

Anna said...

Love you mom, I think you are amazing...a perfect match for amazing dad.