Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Tut, tut, looks like rain.
from: Winnie the Pooh
by: A.A. Milne

I love the way I can now wake up in the eyes barely opening, and look out of the window and only see the vivid greens of the tops of trees.  This morning there was the quiet patter of tiny drops of rain kissing the leaves timidly.  As I became less sleepy-headed and more awake I heard thunder in the distance. As I cozyed up in my stack of pillows for my morning reading of the Book of Mormon...before getting up to start the day, the rain began to pellet the leaves, the windowpanes and the thunder was just down the street.

When we moved to St George 13 years ago, I remember the evenings' magnificent thunder and lightening storms.  They were impressive.  And then, over time, it seemed that the frequency of the storms diminished...down to now not being able to remember the last one....

Logan seems to now be repeating my history...rain and thunderstorms seems to be a fairly common occurrence...thus the lush green vegetation, and the grass that grows faster than the hair on my legs.

Now I'm going to have to once again risk life and limb  in an attempt to wash the rain drop marks off the outside of the upper window...  
but I'll gladly take the rain...its a nice change.
I'll take the heavenly smells of a summer storm.




Pam Hill said...

Ahh, you are finding some of the good things about your new home. That's good. We all need to do that to survive, I think.

Dixie Mom said...

It is so dry here now, it's scary. Last year's spring was so long and lush due to all those rains and mountains snows. I worry about water all the time. Seems silly that I'm worried about that when locals are used to this for many many years. I would feel a bit better if we could have just a little rain. lightening for us please...don't need the fires!