Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


"What fills me?" she asked.
"Everything that you're a part of.
Your own story story fills you."
from: Gossamer
by: Lois Lowry
 St George City was genius in putting in the 'water park' downtown. GENIUS!  Free, cool fun for all!!  I know its one of my favorite places to hang out with the Grands.  And of course they love it too!

Watching Benjamin reach all his milestones each day is a treat.  Anna is convinced he'll be rolling over soon. What I notice is that he's gaining weight...and that he is already experiencing what his mommy calls 'stranger danger'...which means he's not too sure about Mimi when I come to visit...EVERY DAY!! sigh...

We learned this week where sweet Lucie Nephi.  Driving home on Wednesday we sped past her house at freeway speeds and saw her home up there on the hill...and wondered what she was doing that day.  Next time we will have to exit and drop by and say hello!!

Little Miss Sunshine!!


Anna said...

He did it last night!! In his crib! I went to check on him and when back in the bedroom David said, 'He's on his back! He rolled over!' So we ran in there and sure enough he was lying on his back! Crazy!

Pam Hill said...

What cute pictures of the grands. And Cindy - you look Marvelous!