Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Literature is a textually transmitted disease,
 normally contracted in childhood.
 -Jane Yolen

Year of Wonders is an historical fiction tale, based on a true story, of a Derbyshire village who choose to quarantine themselves and their plague in the Spring of 1666 and spend a year cut off from the world. Its a sad, and terribly graphic tale, of the horrors of the plague...beautifully written, and inspiring in the ??? strength of spirit and fragility of the soul.  I want to recommend it whole-heartedly...but the violence of such an illness...and the times and tortures of retribution for non-conformity is truly beware!!
****1/2 (not giving it five, only for the great discomfort is caused in its graphic depiction of death by plague and at the hands of man.)

A dear friend has been recommending this book to me for a long time!!!  I finally picked up a copy and read it out-loud all the way from St George to Logan to My Builder!  What a fabulous story!! So inspiring! An easy read and one that could and will be read over and over again.  Its a reminder of the power of one, of change and redemption, and the strength of spirit!!  *****

Read this book in 24 hours!  Beautifully written...a story of a woman's struggle to remain independent after the death of her husband... independence for a women in the 1600's was practically unheard of and frowned was cause for ostracization and was unlawful!!  (and ...there's an interesting love triangle as well.) ****1/2

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