Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I know what is said about why coincidences so often
 happen; that there actually are only twelve people
 in the world and the rest is done with mirrors.
from: Ride With Me Moriah Montana
by: Ivan Doig

Dear Cousin Ann,
Just thought you'd like to know that Im finding it incredibly surreal to  be calling the lower east side of Logan home now.  This is your home.  This is where I came for summer visits to see you when we were young.   Every day I travel the street  that you did as you grew up here.  There were sheep grazing on the corner lot years ago--which is just across the street from where we're living. There are no sheep there now. I remember being impressed by the raging Logan River and all the shaded irrigation canals, lush with vegetation, like huge weeping willows, that begged to be tubed down. I have fond memories of standing on the bank of 1st Dam Reservoir with your dad, early in the morning, catching trout and bringing them home to fry up for breakfast. YUM!  Now I take Canyon Rd on foot and admire the fine park and all the ducks that now enjoy the reservoir too.   I see the house where your piano teacher lived. I remember that your house was full of music, books and cool Scandinavian furniture. And did you know that the house next door to where you lived still has a red door?  The pizza parlor on top of the hill is still there too.  Do you remember the foxy boy that worked there?  I now hike that hill frequently and walk past that pizza place; I bet there are still handsome boys working there..but Im no longer invested.
How come I dont ever remember going into that cute little market on the corner of 400 East and Center St. for a soda or a Twinkie? I go in there all the time now.  They are well stocked!!! I needed  jalapeno peppers...and there they were!! ...and of course I cant resist the fresh donuts sitting on the counter under the cake glass as they bagged up my peppers and T.P. and paper plates.
Its so strange to be going to church in your old neighborhood. (How come I cant remember going to church with you way back when?  Was it because I wasnt a Mormon then?)  Or was I just too kookie a cousin from hip California to grace the halls? Im sure it was totally obvious I wasnt the church go'in type.  Back then I was just boy crazy.
Even our Mill is a stones throw away from where your dad had his lab...surreal....
Sure I went to college here for a year, but I didnt have cause to come down to 'The Island" ...except to visit your mom on rare occasions.  Oh yeah...I remember your mom being an excellent cook, and that she was incredibly patient with me.
I feel like I live in the 'Ann shadow' here.  I feel like I should ask each 'old-timer' I meet at church or in the neighborhood if they know you or your family.  oh yea....I've learned that your house is now a notorious party weird is that!!!?
The Mall  is still pathetic...but we now have a Sam's Club and 2 Walmarts. wow
You should be here dear cousin.  It feels so strange to be here without you.
Love and Miss you,

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