Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
...Earth is not the easiest place to be an organism, even
it it is the only place.  Of the small portion of the planet's
surface that is dry enough to stand on, a surprisingly  large
amount is too hot or cold or dry or steep or lofty to be of
much use to us.  Partly, it must be conceded, this is our
fault.  In terms of adaptability, humans are pretty amazingly useless.
from: A Short History of Nearly Everything
by: Bill Bryson

.pushing the water tank into position...with the help of the mighty blue truck too...

planting some lettuce...grow baby grow!!!
happy!!  found here

Saturday was a MOST PRODUCTIVE day!!

The tomato cages are waiting for plants to take up residency for the summer. The duck fence is up and I planted sweet peas and hollyhock along it to beautify.

 The automated irrigation system went in...
and My Builder even allowed me to do some gluing!!  Notice the happy raspberry twigs!!  We had a great day in the garden!! A perfect Saturday!!

What the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints beliefs are for the calming influence of being self-reliant.

President Heber J. Grant
“Our primary purpose was to set up, insofar as it might be possible, a system under which the curse of idleness would be done away with, the evils of a dole abolished, and independence, industry, thrift and self-respect be once more established amongst our people. The aim of the Church is to help the people to help themselves. Work is to be re-enthroned as the ruling principle of the lives of our Church membership.” (In Conference Report, Oct. 1936, p. 3.)

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Pam Hill said...

And look at the weather you are having on this productive Saturday! I am really quite jealous of your opportunity to work in that garden with some experts. I hope I can some see it sometime this summer!