Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
At the end of a little Swedish town lay an old, overgrown orchard.
 In the orchard was a cottage, and in this cottage little Pipi Longstocking.
 She was nine years old, and she lived all alone. She had neither
 mother nor father, which was really rather nice, for in the way there
 was no one to tell her to go to bed just when she was having most
 fun, and no one to make her take cod-liver 
oil when she felt like eating peppermints.
 from: Pipi Longstockings 
by: Astrid Lindgren
before...just starting the work...
Duck Pond ambitions...
 raspberry stalks going in....can you believe this BLACK soil!!??
 a few days later the 64 strawberry plants go in...the chickens are interested!

 local city workers generously 'donated' wood chips to our cause!! A bonus!!

next the purple asparagus goes in...and I've come to learn you dont just stick it in the ground...there's quite a process for asparagus!  And....we wont reap the benefits for all the work for 2 years!!!

asparagus roots, ready to be buried in their trench!!

There seems to be a few things about Logan that are growing on me.
The apple tree outside our bedroom window is a stately old thing.  Its struggling in its declining years, so its leaves are exhibiting every variant of the color green...and its beautiful.  The mornings are the best..for we get rain in the night and sunshine in the morning and the leaves glisten in the light. It helps me to imagine that Im living in a small tree house.
Other things Im learning to appreciate:
Cleaning one small bathroom is a snap.
Delicious, COLD water from the tap.
Instantaneous hot water from the pathetic shower head.
Natural coolness on the main floor; warmer upstairs in the bedrooms...lending to the opening up of the windows all the time. (this summer Im sure I WONT be as grateful for this law of physics...that  heat rises.) I'll register complaints later.
Anna and David and the wise, old soul trapped in a baby body known as Benjamin, live not 100 paces away!!  Borrowing sugar..wait!!! not sugar!!! is a snap....  as is watching movies together in the evenings after a busy day at the mill or in the garden... a just reward and simple pleasure.
Picturing Brian just across the hall....!!!
There is plenty of work at the mill for My Builder!!  Business is picking up!!
The Logan Temple...lovely and spectacular against these unfamiliar mountains.
Speaking of mountains...the snow is melting!!!!

Gardening ranks HIGH on the list of favorites here.  Shoveling compost, getting dirt under my fingernails and between my toes is a plus. (I insist on wearing flip-flops in the garden.) I find great happiness and satisfaction and distraction there right now.
(there is always a BUT)
Even in the garden I find I have to practice patience and restraint.. For it is only May 5th. And I am living in Logan...(still choking on this realization)  We could still get snow.  We will probably yet get more frosty nights.  The rule of thumb here is to wait...and wait some more, for May 15th before we plant tomatoes and squash and the like.  So David reins me in every time.  Sigh.
( Shussssssh....I snuck in a batch of mint when he wasnt looking)

its too early to plant the truly yummy stuff...
its too early to hike in the mountains...
but its not too early to scoop poop...and lay the ground work for future opulent gardening.

Peace out Friends

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Sharon said...

OHMAGOSH! Is that what dirt really looks like?!!!!! Lucky gardeners you are for sure. Lots of hard work, too, I know, but how beautiful!