Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"And you know what, Thin Elderly? Sad parts are important.
 If I ever get to train a new young dreamgiver, that's one of the
 things I'll teach: that you must include the sad parts, because
 they are part of the story, and they have to be part of the dreams."
from: Gossamer
by: Lois Lowry

Ever wonder where dreams come from?  Here we have a lovely, poignant little story...from the rich imagination of  Lois of THE GIVER, and winner of a couple of Newbery Awards.
I love' feel good ' stories...where people are mostly good hearted and want to help others ...even the "dream bearers" want to assist and combat the Sinisteeds who are bearers  of horrifying nightmares.  You'll love the child dream-bearer, Littlest One, who is chatty, inquisitive, giggly  and unlike any 'child' you'll happen to encounter....for of course she's not human.
Its a fantasy, feel-good story that took me only a few hours to read.  I probably wouldnt have chosen to read it...except that I've discovered a new book club here in Logan...and this is this months read.  (I read THE GIVER several years ago and didnt love it...didnt understand the hoopla.I enjoyed GOSSAMER much more.)

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