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Vietnames Shrimp and Quinoa Salad

On the road to less about shrimp?  Its less meat and much more healthy!  I tried it on My Builder and Anna and David. It was a success!  We had yams and yummy pickled beans which were a gift from dear friends.  Topped off with oatmeal applesauce bread/cake.
Oh yeah....and I bought a rice cooker at Sam's too!
My week at Desert Cliffs taught me that I LOVE brown long as its cooked well.  Now I'll have no excuse!! Im excited to give it a try.  But first I used it to cook the Quinoa and it worked great!!!

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Lynley said...

We have loads of fresh shrimp here. Maybe you should come visit and eat some real southern cooking... And lots and lots of crawfish. Those are in season, too. :)