Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The reason we shouldnt kill whales is
because they fire the imagination.
-James Darling Phd

This was not at all what I was expecting...
My brother kind-of warned me....
He said it was weird...
It was definitley that!!
It starts out reading like a mystery...about whales and why they sing...or why something or someone was out to mess up the research....
Then suddenly it turns into a sci-fi read...totally unexpected!!!
I so enjoyed it!
I didnt like the explitivies...too many of them.
But the writing was so witty and humorous and scattered with factual info on whales.

What I got from this unusal book:
~take nothing...and I mean nothing, at face value.
~ loyalty is important
~have a passion, about something.
~dont take things so seriously
~enjoy the day
~God is in everything!
~Listen, learn and do something about it.
~God is good
~I like this Christopher Moore...Im going to try more of Moore.

Here is what he has to say about conservation in his post-logue :
"Caring about the condition of our oceans does not make you psycho, tree-hugging, bleeding heart liberal,
it just makes you smart.  The health of all life on this planet depends on the health of the oceans. It's just 
good business.  (Even a supply-sider has to admit that if you fish a population to extinction, there will be
no supply, so there will be no demand.  It's bad economics from the right or the left.)  So watch what you
eat, and dont eat fish that are being over-fished. And dont pour  the used oil from your oil change down the 
storm drain unless you want your next shrimp platter to taste like Quaker State and you sort of like the
idea of have your own children born with flippers. "

This is not a preachy book on any count...its a mystery/fantasy/sci-fi, rip roaring read.
I want to give it 4 stars...but I had better give it 3 due to the plethora of F-bombs.

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