Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


There is a reality in a blessing.... 
It doesnt enhance sacredness, 
but it acknowledges it, and there
 is power in that.  The sensation
  is of really knowing a creature,
I mean really  feeling its
 mysterious life and your own
 mysterious life at the same time.
from: Gilead
by Marilynne Robinson

Last Sunday was Beckhams blessing (link)  Joe did a wonderful job...I am so proud of him.  He's a wonderful father and husband and son. He seems to have the  gift of tongues, so to speak...for he did indeed learn Japanese...but this time Im referring to his spirituality and bestowing blessings on his family. I think all that were there in attendance were touched by his inspired words to his new son.
There was a mix-up with the meeting time...but Joe let it go...and focused in on what was most important; he didnt let it ruffle him and pronounced a heartfelt blessing on Beckham and his mother too. My quiet Joe did a superlative job. It was a delightful family affair...missing the great grandparents was the only drawback.

We havent been gone long but  I'm already  missing  having random lunch dates with Joe.  I miss his boys and his beautiful wife.  The weekend was rejuvenating and so much fun. And the weather was PERFECT!!
Im so grateful for all my many blessing.

 Daddy and Beckham on Blessing day
Mom and Dad

Thank you Joe and Natalie..for a wonderful day...and more importantly for your perfect, eternal family that you are creating.  You bring us such joy!!


Bob S. said...

Great job Joe and nice job making such a wonderful and beautiful baby grandson Natalie. You both did a great job..

Auntie Cathy said...

What a beautiful baby and, as you said, eternal family. Sorry that we missed Beckham's blessing day, but we are looking forward to Benjamin's big day coming up!

Pam Hill said...

Boy, I can really see Joe in that last picture of Beckham. Darling.