Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


"Never forget that these little ones are the sons and daughters of God
 and that yours is a custodial relationship to them, that He was a parent 
before you were parents and that He has not relinquished His parental
 rights or interest in these His little ones. Now, love them, take care of them. 
Fathers, control your tempers, now and in all the years to come. Mothers, 
control your voices; keep them down. Rear your children in love, in the
 nurture and admonition of the Lord. Take care of your little ones. Welcome
 them into your homes, and nurture and love them with all of your hearts. 
They may do, in the years that come, some things you would not want
 them to do, but be patient, be patient. You have not failed as long
 as you have tried. Never forget that."
President Gordon B. Hinckley
Salt Lake University Third Stake conference
3 Nov. 1996

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