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And Now I See The Moon

Sunday Reflections

Silver  or Fleece Lining

God spake, chaos heard, and worlds came into order
by reason of the faith there was in HIM.  So with man
also; he spake by faith in the name of God, and the sun
stood still, the moon obeyed, mountains removed, 
prisons fell, lions' mouths were closed, the human heart
lost its enmity, fire its violence, armies their power, the
sword its terror, and death its dominion; and all
this by reason of the faith which was in him.
from: Lectures on Faith

In a convoluted way...My Builder and I looked at each other last night, before going to bed, and admitted to each other that we actually did enjoy ourselves at the garage sale.  Stuff really is 'easy come easy go.'  We laughed a lot. We both enjoyed the many people that came through, sometimes at their expense, but mostly because people are great! People are good and decent and the warm sun brings out the best in us all. (for the most part)
My Builder and I are reconnecting through this trial.  For a while there I was worried, mostly about me, and how I was dealing with the change in life...that has nothing to do with hormones. (but...rudely enough--hormones are also flaring)
Suddenly I've noticed that we are in each others corner again.  The difficulty of the trial hasnt changed..its really hard...but our partnership is working again.
I dont know what the magic bullet was...but I do know we are praying mightily to get through this in one piece. And we both know and have a firm faith in a loving Heavenly Father who we feel is in our corner too.  It is our faith in this knowledge and in each other that gets us out of bed each morning to pack more boxes, sell more of our stuff, answer more questions about a future we are unsure of, to face the reality that we are soon leaving these bright blue skies and warm temps for the unknowns of the arctic regions.
We have faith that there is reason to this trial. And we are beginning to believe that there will be blessings too.  There is work to be done and great potential for success in the future.
So I suppose that the boxing up of my hiking sandals and realizing that there will be far less coral dust between my toes for the time being will just have to be ok.  For the bigger picture right now seems to include wool sweaters, mittens, an ice chipper and snowshoes.....AND BABY BEN and his parents.
Thank heaven for those linings!!!

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Auntie Cathy said...

You have a gift of expression...what words of wisdom! Our warm thoughts and our warm prayers are focused on you both as you keep moving along the trail. You'll for sure have new views and new vistas to behold!