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Sabbath Reflections

It is the peculiar nature of the world to go on spinning
no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening.
from: Secret Life of Bees
by: Sure Monk Kidd

DANG!!!---I just finally got the Young Women's Theme memorized!  (Im a slow learner)
And even though I will never be comfortable standing in front of people, as in conducting meetings,
I will deeply miss 'my girls.'  And I deeply regret leaving behind the ladies I have been so fortunate to work with this last year and a half and some change.  I told the bishop that this was the first calling that kept me completely out of my comfort zone.  Never was I at ease in this calling.  But boy did I come to love these girls.  I can see now that my contact list on my phone is going to become boring beyond belief.  So will my calender of events.  sigh

Here is what I'll miss about these girls I've been so privileged to work with:

Lizzy L.- I will miss her generous and loving matter where we are, I get a hug and her sincere kindness to every one.
Emily F.- I will miss her gypsy style...we are kindred spirits that way; which fits in perfectly with her ability to read others spirits, to detect goodness in everyone.
Bridger K.- I will miss the mischievous twinkle in her eye and her vivaciousness for life; she's a true extrovert, which I find admirable!!
Wilson W.- I will miss her 'take control' attitude; and her willing spirit to be part of the 'team.'
Kiera W.- I will miss her spirituality and goodness and exceptional leadership abilities. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.
Toshi B.- I will miss her brilliant mind and her great wit.  She too will go far and do much in this world.
Abby M.- I will miss her beautiful smile and and her quiet participation.  Things are more fun when she's around.
Ashley W.- I have loved her bookishness and her humor and watching her gain much confidence since I've known her.  She's lov'in be'in 16!!
Tiana S.- I will miss her beautiful face and her amazing voice and all the talents she has generously shared. I have enjoyed her sparkle too!!
Aleia A.- I have so enjoyed watching Aleia grow in courage and confidence as a class president; and her artistic abilities have often stuck me speechless.
Grace B.- I will miss her small frame with a huge heart and a can-do spirit that  never quits!!  I think its also safe to say that she is cool as a cucumber under any situation.
Caroline B.- I will miss her greatly, for she was the one to reach out to me from in very beginning, to try and make me feel at home and accepted.  And she does this for everyone!! I will miss her friendliness and smile.
Summer S.- I will miss her fire for life and the awe I feel when Im around her for her sense of responsibility to those under her care or stewardship.
Aspen E.- I will miss her sweet face and her thoughtfulness to others and her dear sensitive spirit; plus she knows how to have a good time!!
Lisa C.- I will always be in awe of Lisa's leadership abilities, her complete goodness and never wanting or even being tempted to stray. And this beautiful lady has more creativity in her little finger than I will ever possess!
Erica E.- I will miss her talkativeness and her enthusiasm and that captivating light in her eyes.
Savannah S.- I will miss her meekness and strength...and yes, they do go together-perfectly in this talented young lady!!
Lydia M.- She's the newest member of the group...and so I dont know her as well, but what I do know is that she's musically gifted, that she loves her family and that she reserves her smiles too much!!

So this is the end of the line for me here in the Bloomington 7th Ward.  Its hard to write these you can well imagine.  It seems that now our journey is taking us elsewhere....  I leave with a heavy heart but so much the better for the experiences I've had with these amazing young ladies...and their leaders and teachers.  I thank God for the faith I have in His plan; for my testimony of a loving, fully involved Father in Heaven and of His Son, Jesus Christ. With these blessing in my hip pocket...or more exactly, in my heart, I can lift my chin and get through this change.  I am so grateful for this knowledge for it  helps me be strong and optimistic.
Northward ho we go!!
Anyone have snowboots they arent using?


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Dixie Mom said...

They are going to miss you too.