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Mimi Monday

The worst part of hold the memories is not the pain.
Its the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.
from: The Giver
by: Lois Lowry

 Logan with puppy

I put a few pictures of my adorable grandbabies on our 'new' fridge this weekend...and it made me feel very sad. Really sad. I've been able to distract myself a lot of the time, from thinking about the changes...'cause Mimi packed too much junk to fit into a two bedroom apartment. I've had to do a lot of repacking and sorting and contributing to the local thrift store...AGAIN.
But the nights...I get sad
Our first Sunday evening here was particularly bad..for I was missing our Sunday dinner with the kids. I missed the noise, chaos, and the cheery faces of the little ones I love so much. I missed the requests for hotdogs or Spaghetti O's. I missed Liams squeals and enjoying fulfilling Olive's robust appetite and Beckhams chubby face.
Ben is beyond adorable...but he isnt asking for Oreos...yet...and he doesnt want to go feed the ducks at the golf course ponds. Instead we are entertained by Ben's folks as they watch their baby smile, burb, toot and sleep.
But I suppose Life is about change and making adjustments...
I suppose seeing the kiddies again will be all the sweeter at Easter.
Here's hoping for some more distractions this week.
The snow today didnt help.
Bah humbug!!

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Lisa said...

I feel your pain! It's oh-so-quiet here today. Love you!