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Initial Random Thoughts on Apartment Living and Logan

"That 'ere 'ouse, guv'nor, is the rummiest I ever was in.  Blyme!
but it aint been touched since a hundred yrs.  There was dust
that thick in the place that you might have 'slep on it without
'urting of yer bones; an' the place was that neglected that  yer
might 'ave smelled ole Jerusalem in it."
from: Dracula
by: Bram Stoker

First...its difficult being a minimalist in a two bedroom apartment. 30 plus years of accumulated stuff...its a hard habit to break.
My Builder wants to practice minimalism by going without tv.  I think thats a little excessive,dont you? (most of the time I dont mind...but this is mostly due to the convience of having Anna and David's tv a short distance away.)
I get some weird thrill...( I think they call it voyeurism) peeking into people's windows here in the complex...just to see how they set up their apartments.  I love the variety, creativity and ideas. Naughty me.
Parking lot activity is interesting...loud trucks with boys and cowboy hats, a common mixture.
Parties over the fence around a fire pit, makes for interesting evening entertainment.
There's no sneaking around...for our floors squeak like boats rubbing on docks.
Windows that havent been washed since Lincoln was shot.
Other peoples' hair in the bathroom drawers...ugh!! Other peoples' grime on the cabinets.
A neighbor that has been granted an exception to the rule...NO PETS, because the nice hound is a 'service dog' due to PTS...the husband fought in the war in Iraq.
Random doors slamming...and it isnt us.
Obsessiveness about locking doors and windows and closing blinds.
The recycle bin/dumpster is right outside our door...makes it easy to be green.
Investing in yards and yards of shelf lining material.
Looking past crummy paint jobs.
If I listen very carefully and the wind is just right, I can hear the bells chime in Old Mains bell tower.
The Walmart here has a fishing store.
Im back to driving a car that's a blow to my self-esteem.
I have a kitchen sink that has a disturbing depression-ware green hue to it, and it wont go away no matter how many times I scrub it with Comet.
Baseboard heat rocks!! Especially when its included in the rent.
Upstairs is going to get HOT in the summer. Im on the hunt for a vintage black fan!! Maybe two!!!

So there you have first week...almost...of living the apartment life!!
Peace, Love



Dixie Mom said...

Some times I fantasize about living in a tiny apartment but then I freak out when I realize I wouldn't have a basement. :)
One of the things I like about staying in hotels in downtowns of big cities is people watching. Love to sit in a chair in front of the window and watch people walk by and look into windows across the way. I think a lot of people do that. Just don't break out binoculars...!

Anna said...

Mom...I have a pretty cool floor fan that somebody redid for me in a vintage looking manner! You can have it!! It just sits in the closet!

Lisa said...

Laughing here WITH you...but I can feel your vulnerability. Renting an apartment - next to HUMANS - is nerve-wracking and humorous. Ask Chels & Rob sometime about our neighbors in the townhouse & their phone calls behind our paper-thin walls. Holy-moly!!

Auntie Cathy said...

We're watching and learning from you and Bob and your amazing PMA! However, we hope that the PMA is missing at times or you two may be translated in a blink of an eye. Just a comment on the photo: it looks like you are the age of a college coed. Does dejunking and moving into an apartment take away the years? I'm moving tomorrow!