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Farther vs Further

Farther = actual distance. When father is used it means actual physical distance.
Further = definition of degree/depth, or metaphorical distance. It is a time, degree, or quantity.
Remember it this way …
Farther has the word “far” in it relating to distance, actual distance that is.
Further has the word “fur” in it as in “thick fur” or depth/degree.
I know it sounds a bit silly but it works.
  • Our car drove farther than I thought it would on one tank of gas.
  • I wanted to run farther, but I became too exhausted.
  • Our house is farther away from the restaurant than yours.
Examples of further:
  • I asked that there be further discussion on the matter.
  • I need to look further into the logistics of moving farther from my office building.
  • I hope that gas prices drop further for our road trip vacation. 

    photo by Fat Burns

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