Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Just as there are elements which rest, yet when
in natures course they move on their way and 
they touch-- then pouf! and there comes a flash
of light heaven wide, that show up all the earth
below for leagues and leagues.
from: Dracula
by: Bram Stoker

Beckham Ryan Stephenson
Im finally home!!
And before we crossed the threshold of our own home we stopped by for a much needed and longed for visit to Logan, Liam's and Beckhams house.
It had been weeks- 3 1/2 to be exact- since I'd seen or hugged my little men!! In fact I had still yet to hug and hold  new baby Beckham...and this was to be the night!!!  Last time I saw him he was incubating happily behind glass in the NICU!!
Oh what a handsome little man he is. Olive skin, dark hair, and his own unique look about him.  Natalie says he looks like her brother.   (This is just  one of the many joys of like opening up a birthday present each time one of these little people are born...not quite knowing what "inside," but having full confidence that 'its' going to be fantastic 'cause it from Joe and Natalie and they ALWAYS 'create' amazing of a kind, original, adorable little people!!! Plus, these gifts  get better with age!!
Beckham is only a little over 3 weeks older than baby Ben!  Oh boy do I think they're going to be the best of buddies in a few years!!
What a blessing it is that these two good moms have one another to talk to about the ups and downs, ins and outs, highs and lows  of newborns.  And Chelsea is a great help too. Im so grateful for all these good women in my life!
Our visit was rowdy and rambunctious!  Popa entertained the boys in their bedroom, playing with all the toys while I attempted to introduce myself to Beckham.  Snuggling  wasnt working for Beckham though...he only had eyes and lips for his momma last I chopped potatoes for the soup and oogled from afar...while he nursed.
Mom and the boys left this morning for Salt hang at Grandma Weeks house for  a while.  So Im very grateful that I was able so spend the time I did with them and got my quick fix!   It was short and inadequate...but I'll take what I can get of those precious boys!! Im grateful and happy for all the moments that come my way!!


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