Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
However, 'the milk that is spilt cries not out
afterwards, 'as you say.  We shall not think
of that, but go on our way to the end.
from: Dracula
by: Bram Stoker

Life is chalk full of ironies.

Not to long ago  I plucked  a book from the niagara of book shelves in my brothers library, to read while I was 'tending' their cute girlies.  Once I started...I couldnt put it down.  The Geography of Bliss. Its a book about the allusive, and difficult to describe thing called happiness.  It asks and trys to answer- where is the happiest place on earth....and its not Disneyland???  Who is happy and why??  What elements are needed in order to be happy?  Its a fascinating read. Eric Weiner, a self proclaimed "whiner"- which is also how he pronounces his name, also finds it ironic that a free spirited writer such as himself, has been  perpetually grumpy all his life.
The people of Iceland, the US, Switzerland and even Qatar, plus others, all fall under his scrutiny.  Eric is a deep thinker and seems to have had the energy and means to spend months at a time at each place he investigates to try and learn what makes each country tick and in some places he does find happiness and contentment. ( He logged over tens of thousands of miles.)  Here again is a wonderful author who writes with gusto, humor and great wisdom and a few unnecessary expletives as well. (Oh well, I guess no one is perfect.)
I loved reading this book. I was sorry when I turned the last pages. ***** stars for me!!!

 And now you are wondering- where is the irony? was while I was finishing the concluding few chapters that My Builder dropped the 'unhappy' bomb on my world.  It was while driving home to glorious St George after having spent almost four weeks in the cold and gloom of the north that My Builder broached the subject of moving ourselves to Logan.

Wait for it

Let that sink in

As I told him, and now you my lovely readers,
There could be NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that I could possibly be more conflicted on than the prospect of moving north to Logan, Utah.

There it is again

think of it

Logan, Utah.  What is Logan's claim to fame?...the first thing you think of when you think of Logan...the terrible winters. The long terrible winters and the short summer. Which is of course the "polar" opposite of where I love and live now.
On so many levels.

Of course this suggestion to relocate makes complete sense and does not come as a surprise.  I had an inkling that it was inevitable.  It makes perfect sense if we are to make the bunny food business grow.
Making a living is the number one priority.
Gas money is killing us as My Builder travels back and forth
Benjamin and my daughter are beyond adorable.
But please notice how very short this list is for leaving here.

Beginning a list of St George's qualifications.........would be a mistake to attempt as you can imagine. So I'm not going there. Everyone that knows me knows what that LONG list would  look like.

But there is no doubt that making a living is what needs to rank first right now.  So, back to the book....The Geography of Bliss
What is happiness?
It turns out that climate has nothing to do with finding/being happy. (gulp) I learned that Iceland is one of the top 5 happiest places!! Who'd a thunk!!??
Having trust does matter.
Having a sense of belonging to something bigger than self matters.
Being a part of a culture, having a history is important
Having a sense of awe and wonder for nature and the world in which we live seems important too
Having money, but not too much money is on the list.
minimum envy: its toxic
keep  smiling, even when you dont feel like it.
family is important (duh)
so are friends
not thinking  too much is included on the list
beaches are optional and
gratitude is mandatory

And look at that...
I have most these things in spades!!!
No matter where I land I have the things of most import.
What we havent had is financial security, which is why we need the move.  When we have this, life will be coming up roses once again...or at least crocus's  through the perma-frost!!
Im pasting on my happy face and moving forward with the best attitude I can muster.
Wish me luck.

is for moving....
oh yeah...I almost forgot    


Lisa said...

Best of luck and blessings, Cindy and Bob. I know how much St. George means to you and WHY, so I'll be praying that everything works out, all around. We love you, no matter where you live.

Ann said...

I have learned through tough experience that where we NEED to be is not always where we WANT to be. Attitudes need to adjust to what the Lord calls us to do. We are as happy as we decide to be. It's that simple.

Good luck. You've lived in Logan before. It brought you to your Builder. You'll survive. :-)

Dixie Mom said...

Oh, I'll try to muster the strength to have a good attitude about this. I know you need it but we are really going to miss you. I guess you can go and discover some hikes there and we'll just have to have you show us.

Pam Hill said...

Oh my dear, such timing.
But I will tell you from my experience of moving from my beloved White Rock, NM (with its glorious weather) to the frozen Canadian tundra, that you can survive and even thrive a change that you dread. I have come to love Canada for so many reasons, that now it is hard to think about leaving! Who'd a thunk that? It will be ok, and you will always have a place to come visit here in SG, right? And its only temporary anyway; let's keep that thought uppermost for awhile.
Oh, and how fun will it be to be close to Anna and Ben??? Lots!!!