Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Day 7

Your first kiss is destiny knocking
from: The Lovely Bones
by: Alice Sebold

*We are on the verge of the secret now.

(And please dont assume that I am just playing with metaphors.)

Love is Fire
That is the great secret.

It is Fire with the large F. It is Divine Fire.  When it is in you it lights you, all of you.  And transforms.  No self-induced flicker can compare with it.

Modern revelation has several words for the emanation that conveys this Love.  They are not exact synonyms:
All are "sent forth by the will of the Father through Jesus Christ His Son."

Thus you cannot "make" love.  You cannot love until you are loved.  You cannot be loved until you are Beloved, Beloved of God.  His flame burns and encircles reaching the self at its core, its spiritual center and then moving outward to physical fingers and toes.

Such love, over long periods, becomes diamond-like.  A real diamond, being pure carbon, burns up in split seconds surrounded by flame.  Yet there are other fantastic pressures and refinements that give it luster and sheen until it can cut and endure through almost anything. Love in you is both that destructible and that durable.

A little unreachable and ethereal, you say?  Agreed.
Tomorrow lets relate it to some fashionable attitudes about love.  Some of them are exactly upside down.

*Truman Madsen

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