Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Charlotte: We're leaving on the warm updraft. This is our
moment for setting forth. We are aeronauts and we are
going out into the world to make webs for ourselves.
Wilber: But where?
Charlotte: Wherever the wind takes us. High, low, near, far
east, west, north, south. We take the breeze, we go as we please.
from: Charlotte's Web
by: E.B. White

I really thought last night was to be the night.
We ALL thought that last night was to be the night.

In lieu we got snow.

Instead we heard the news of Josh's engagement to darling Jordan!!
Happy News!!!

And one more thing...

There is not one unhealthy snack to be found stashed anywhere in this house of Anna's and Dave's.
 I want to console my impatience with sugar.  I think Im going through some sort of withdrawal and find myself hunting the cupboards, drawers, and refrigerator shelves for something unhealthy...and it cant be found!! Ugh!!
White sugar withdrawal
White flour withdrawal.
St George withdrawal.
Hiking withdrawal.
Grandbaby withdrawal.

Please dont get the impression that I want to be anywhere else but here!! For I dont!!  I love hang'in with my dear daughter and David....but my strong suit has never been patience.  To practice patience I guess I need treats...sometimes known by another name....comfort foods.  I suppose Im better off for it...thats what these to say anyway.  

Come on Baby Ben!!  Groundhog Day is a perfect day to have a birthday!!!

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