Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

What I Learned Last Week

Sometimes I didnt even feel like getting out of bed.
I took to wearing my days-of-the-week
panties out of order. It could be Monday and
I'd have on underwear saying Thursday. I just didnt care.
from: The Secret Life of Bees
by: Sue Monk Kidd

Warm Moccicin here...
musing about the week..

It was my turn to teach in Young Womens at Church Sunday.  I want to be a better teacher, just like I want to be a better writer, wife and grandmother.  For me teaching doesnt come easy. Its a painful  and a sickening experience for me to get up in front of people.  Here's hoping for miracles this year as I work towards my goal of being braver and honing my skills at teaching.

Some weeks I dont seem to learn much.  Sometimes its a week about persevering and enduring.  That was what this week was about.  Even hiking felt different this week.  It might have had something to do with my bangs hanging in my eyes.

Watching grandbabies and attending book club were the highlights of the week.   Once again it was hiking that kept me sane and as ALWAYS, it gifted me another great experience.  This week it was a magnificent American Bald eagle!!  There he was, perched on a low, leafless branch that was overhanging a small reservoir  tranquilly glistening in the morning sun. He was but 5 ft away from us!! He left me speechless and wanting more of his company when he took flight and winged away.  Magnificent really doesnt really begin to describe him.  What we saw was better than any dime store postcard!!!

Reality set in this week...we could be welcoming 2 new baby boys any day now to our growing family.  2 baby boys that we cant wait to meet...though we do hope and pray that baby boy Beckham waits and is patient a little longer before he arrives.  He needs to "cook" for a few more weeks!!

There is no Presidential candidate for me to be excited about...not a one!!! d&#%@ it!!!

Anna lives too far away...and 2 years feels too long to have a son so disconnected from his life at home. whine. He's happy. Anna is why do I even complain.

Last year at this time we were wading through snow and ice and bracing winds in Zion National Park.  This year we sported tank tops and sunscreen and caught the Big Horn sheep basking in the warm sun on the precipices of the canyon. We will pay for this warm, dry winter this next summer...but Im enjoying every day of it now!!!


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