Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

There has been time for contemplation while we wait here for baby Ben to arrive.  Resting my hand on Anna's belly, feeling Ben move around...brings back dear memories.  Its been a while.
20 years to be exact. sigh
One gets to thinking what you want for these beautiful children that make our life so good.

May you not sweat the small stuff.
May you always lend a hand to those in need; lift  a heavy load.
May your dreams come true.
May you love and honor your parents and they you.
May you enjoy lifes' journey.
May you make righteous choices.
May you see truth and act.
May you be brave and strong.
May you find joy in simple things.
May you learn to love without conditions.
May you appreciate work.
May you dance without restraint.
May you be creative.
May you find joy in learning.

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LMT said...

Hi there. I like this saying, its ringing true in my life right now. :-) How exciting, this waiting time of a new grandchild!