Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

I distinctly object to tears.  Tears are 
scientifically described as a secretion. I can 
understand that a secretion may be healthy or
 unhealthy, but I cannot see the interest of a
 secretion from a sentimental point of view.
from: Lady in White
by: Wilkie Collins

Mimi took a few on the nose last night. One blow actually drew Liam and I bonked head to nose. OUCH!!!
The other was more figurative. Liam drew blood by accident...his head is quite a bit harder than my nose. The tears that resulted...for who doesnt cry when ones nose gets bonked...were quickly dried as I sat and  commiserated  on my toilet seat with toilet paper stuck up there to curb the flow . Who can feel bad for long when sweet Liam came looking for me to tell me he was sorry and imparted a tender kiss. This random kind act by this adored grandson brought even more tears for  I  was really just  sitting there feeling quite sorry for myself and none of it due to physical pain. The reason for this self pity you might ask......It's all about changes!!! Nothing ever stays the same does it?
My bloody nose may have stopped oozing quickly...But I can see  now that my heart will always need first aide while we wade through life with our kiddies and their kiddies. 
Its such a blessing being a grandma...

But I feel the dam much is changing for our family...
And my heart bleeds as did my nose last night.


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Carly Stephenson said...

Wow! That is awesome for Natalie and Joe! I'm sorry Aunt Cindy, I'm sure that will be hard. I know I'm going to be sad when Jared and I eventually move away for grad school. You are a great example!