Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"Deeper.  Dig deeper," Miss Sadie said in her rich voice.
"The ground should not merely cover the seed. It must embrace it."
from: Moon Over Manifest
by: Claire Vanderpool it goes...
New Years Resolutions...
A lot of them are the same ol same ol....
and some of them you wont find in this post...
but these are the ones Im willing to go out on a limb with so to speak...
there is no order of priority either...
(why does this feel so exposing?....)

Its like jumping into one of those frigid pools of ice water on the Subway hike.....
"do I have to mommy!?"

1. be more creative...using my hands and mind and different being this new site that a friend showed me....Project 365  I plan to "show" what I create. Gulp

2. Find a group of folks that have the same desire as I bike down the coast of California; that wont cost me an arm and a leg to join.  

3. try to learn some Italian. Turns out the local library would like to help.  They have these groovy little MP3 players with language lessons already downloaded on them...all I need are earbuds and Im set!!! So cool!!!

4. Finish my Personal Progress requirements

5. cut out most of the white sugar from my diet.  gulp

6. read more

7. take more time with my appearance.  Im old but Im not giving up!!

8. learn a musical instrument...and be able to play a few Christmas songs by next year.

9. clean at least one window a day in my house of dirty windows! I hate dirty windows!!!

10. acknowledge the goodness of My Builder every day.

There are more...but this is enough for my public disclosure.   How about sharing a few of yours with me?


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Anna said...

I wanna bike down the coast of california with you! So will David! And Ben!! We'll just put one of those car seats on the back! Sounds so fun!!! love it mom! Thanks for sharing! Lets plan it!