Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The average man dont like trouble and danger.
from: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
by: Mark Twain

Its rather unorthodox for Mormons to light a candle...
but I suppose Im a little famous for being a tad unorthodox...
...'Cause I lit a candle yesterday for our little Beckham.
I like it there glowing on my kitchen counter...reminding me every time I go by  that Beckham needs my vigilant have a prayer always in my heart. And even though we Mormons also be believe that angels have wings...I find it fortuitous that the candle I found in the Latiano section of the grocery store was a guardian angel.
  Im also throwing an extra prayer in there for baby Ben who is due to arrive sometime next week too!!
 Update on Beckham Ryan:
The first few days...he gained weight..which wasnt a good thing...believe it or was fluid...unwanted fluid.  Now he's just a little below his birth-weight.  Thats a good thing.

 Tonight Beckham gets his first bath.  Hes strong!! The nurses complain that he's always yanking the tubes away from his face and gripping them so tightly that its a challenge to pry them from his fingers. Thats a really GOOD thing!!
 I got to hold his hand for a stink'in precious.  I was brought to tears of gratitude for the amazing care little Beckham receives here in the NICU.  His forced air flow has been cut way back-- he started at a 10, he's now down to a 3!!  When he cant be held and snuggled by his mommy...they wrap him up in warm bean bags!! The weight of them is comforting and secure...genius!!! His good mommy has been providing him with delicious, nutritious breast milk...which he has been enjoying for the last 2 days via a feeding tube. Tonight the feeding tube comes out and mommy and babe get their first go at the real thing!! Cross your fingers that it goes well.
There really isnt any bad news to report...except that sweet mommy just wants him HOME!!! Wants to cuddle when she wants to....and wishes that she didnt have to leave Logan and Liam to spend time at the hospital.
 It seems apparent that if he continues to  improve at the rate he has been, that mommy's wishes may come true...soon!!!
Thank you dear friends for all your prayers and calls and good wishes.  I have felt them and so have Joe and Natalie!!  You are the best!!!

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