Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
20 Fortnights Plus 3 Days....

The more I examine the universe and study
the details of its architecture the more
evidence I find that the universe in some
sense must have known we were coming.
from: A Short History of Nearly Everything
quote by: Freeman Dyson
by: Bill Bryson

Watching  ankles swell and recede.
Applying pressure on key spots...fingers and feet...more specifically...thumbs and arches.
Brisk walk up Old Main hill.
Sewing curtains for the nursery...three trips to Joann's
Experimenting with an old and rusty skill to knit.
Eating!! and least three trips to Smiths
Home made ice cream...or Bull Tracks from Cashe Valley Creamery...a favorite evening treat.
Constant chatter on rabbit food.
Much sighing..."they bring 10% more oxygen to the brain mom." home enjoying the company of my folks...wondering if she's wearing out her welcome.
Snow, rain, sunshine,  COLD!!!
Intermittent fits of energy...raising our hopes...then nothing.
13 episodes of Drop Dead Diva.  So fun!!! So sad that its almost over. Thank you Netflix!
Phone calls from family and friends and curious well wishers.
My Builder threatening to head home for a few days.
1 and a 1/2 tons of rabbit food milled, reserved and ready for pick-up.
198 emails sent to rabbit rescues!
Packed and repacked and ready to rumble.
Sleeping on the nursery floor, on a cozy piece of memory foam.



Lisa said...

Don't tell Anna, but my first baby came 2 weeks LATE!! He was so overdone, his skin peeled for weeks after he was born. AGGH!! I'm sure Ben will come soon. Love to all of you...

Dixie Mom said...

Oh hurry baby! We're all looking forward to meeting your new grandson!