Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

What I Learned Last Week

Certainty is missing the point entirely.
Faith includes noticing the mess, the
emptiness and discomfort, and letting it
be there until some light returns. Faith
also means reaching deeply within, for the
sense one was born with, the sense,
for example, to go for a walk.
from: Plan B
by: Anne Lamott

Last week in Sunday School I learned that the "Ancient of Days" doesnt refer to Joan Rivers; but when used in the scriptures, it is referring to Adam; Adam who lived in the Garden with Eve for a time.  Interesting

I had it re-confirmed that fasting for two meals does indeed quicken the mind, opens the channels to heaven, brings comfort, inspiration, peace and ideas!!  What a wonderful, powerful principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Im told that Im addicted to hiking.  I am also addicted to sugar.  Sugar has got to go...or at least come in lesser quantities...hiking on the other hand is here to stay!!

If you let a 3 yr old help you decorate your Christmas tree- expect all the best ornaments to be down around your knee caps.  Also...when said three year old expresses  his strong opinion of not enjoying Celine Dion singing Christmas songs- "Mimi, turn that off!" ...I'd better respect him...though its a bit un-nerving that he doesnt like my Celine!!

BYU can play basketball!!  Sadly, they can play with out my dear nephews...who sit on the sidelines injured.  Hold your heads high Cougars!! You gave Baylor a run for their money!!

Tips, glorious tips saved my cheese this week!! Thank you generous guests! Thank you!!

In the summer the herbal tea bags find their way to back of the pantry shelves and I forget about them. In the winter I hunt for alternative to soda for refreshment and warmth.  Never have I enjoyed a warm cup of herbal tea as much as I have this season!!  Celestial Seasons is the bomb!!

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the out pouring of love, support and encouragement for Robby this week has been overwhelming! Robby being accepted to nursing school is joyous news indeed. We have been swamped with  many, many   family members  calling to offer advise, and even going so far as wondering if a support fund of some type could be set up that all the family could contribute to for school if they'd like; there has been a humbling and VERY generous offer of a basement to live in so that rent wont have to be paid for the time they are in school.  Brothers and sister call to see what is happening and what they might do to help.  My heart is full to the brim with gratitude for the love and support he feels and the My Builder and I feel, for the all the outpouring of  encouragement, it is humbling indeed.  
I guess thats what family is for...I pray you all know that we would do the same when the need arises.  Oh how I love and praise my extended family.  One is never alone, not with a family like ours!!  Bless you all!!!  We have no idea yet of the outcome here...there is still so much to be worked out for Rob and his dear family...but Im sure he can feel the prayers of those that love him...and they will help him decide what to do, and how to do it. Just know that we so appreciate the cheering section that we call family!!!  LOVE you!!!


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Carly Stephenson said...

we love robby!! we know something will work out. is josh injured too????