Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Tick tock Tick Tock......

All profit that is out of proportion
to the labor expended is dishonest.
from: Anna Karenina
by: Leo Tolstoy

The minutes, hours, and days are going by maddeningly slow!!
(with no hiking this week to distract)
Some big wigs in Idaho are going over a carefully constructed proposal from Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food.  They are VERY interested in what we have to offer the pet food market...especially for bunny rabbits.  They've already met once with David and My Builder ...and asked that they write up a proposal on how we envision working together. And now we wait...We are  hoping for a perfect marriage!!! We hope that good things come of it.
Thursday is the big day.  The talking heads and the thinking heads will be meeting once again in freezing Idaho. should turn out to not be a perfect union...we wont be too worried...just disappointed.
For we already know we have something the rabbit lovers want.  An increasing number of orders for food come in each day.  We realize that our growth will be slower on our own...but we know we have the perfect products. We are getting rave reviews!!
Please root for us!! Pray for us....that the meeting of the minds goes well!!


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