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MIMI's Monday:

Thoughts on being a grandparent.

"I dont feel any age, just giddy with surprise at the paradox that I may have
looked old on the outside but felt so young on the inside.  Its almost everyones
secret--we look in the mirror,saying,  "Who is that old person?" While inside
there's pretty much the same person we always were.  A lot of stuff falls off--
your vision, your youth, your memory--but better stuff is left behind.
from: Plan B
by: Anne Lamott

I think I may be taking for granted...the fact that my grandbabies live right here under my nose.  Im repenting.  For nothing ever stays the same.  Knox is already pulling himself to a standing position on the furniture.  Olive adores her Popa and her pigtails almost reach her shoulders!  Logan can now tell you exactly what he's thinking.  Lucie has learned that shes moving to live closer to her dad...which makes us all feel happier inside.  Lachlan now uses his kisses sparingly and is not afraid of public speaking. And Liam has me wrapped around his little finger.  

We're also bracing for the loneliest of Christmas's this year.  No offence to dear Spark...but we will not be enjoying the company of any of the 'babies' and their families Christmas morning.  The three of us will sleep in, eat a magnificent breakfast together and then stare at one another as we wait for the call home from Brian.  Its another first...being so 'alone' for the holidays.   Nothing ever does stay the same. 


Anna said...

Is that supposed to make me feel guilty so we come down?!!

Cindy said...

Who would have thought, all those many years ago working in the PTA together, that we would someday be here? Our babies now attend to their own babies, we wake up a little bit stiffer, take an extra minutes or two to remember "just why we came into the room"; I guess the great gift to getting older are all the friend we have know along the way...