Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Without a mirror to frighten me back to reality,
i could experience feeling beautiful. Obviously
I wasnt, but I felt beautiful. The people accepted
me as I was. They made me feel included, and
unique, and wonderful. I was learning how it
felt to be in a state of unconditional acceptance.
from: Mutant Message Down Under
by: Marlo Morgan

MIMI mightily missed the madness and mayhem that is much attributed to  this merry season.  My house was as muffled as a mute mouse at midnight yesterday morning. Christmas minus little mites is not quite Christmas. The whimsy of a child acted Nativity was no where to be found.  Much of Christmas has to do with as many moppets making merry and  messes around the mini or massive Christmas tree.  (This year ours was a minor specimen.- nither majestic or motley.)  
Of course we cant mind or complain too much, meting out the  memories these wee mites bring...we must take our turn in imparting the masses of joy. We must not meddle or moan very loudly  for the masses of family up north need their turn  in the merriment  and mirth that this season brings.  We will magnanimously measure a portion to those we love that live miles away in the numbing clime.  For we will all mutually agree that we have the most magnificent, impressive muggles on the map!!
We enjoyed more sleep....yep...that's it....more napping.
We were amused and mullified by the angelic, intimate voices leaving sublime messages about their mucho  motor vehicles and miniature cars and shoes that were found beneath the Christmas tree this year.
Mimi's warm heart is madly in love  and full with much gratitude this year...and I am making an effort to be I contemplate the impressive list of things I have to be thankful for this year. My complaints are menial.
As you might guess though,  anticipating a memorable, merry Christmas is at the top of the menu of tasty morsels next year. Mimi will have 2 new miracle bambinos to meet their first Christmas's...and...a winsome, charming  returned missionary to impart much pampering  to..with all things home made.  And undoubtedly there will be a few unexpected marvels waiting for us  next year too.

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Anna said...

Wow mom! Well done! I loved it! I've said it before and I'll say it again! You are quite the talented writer! Love you!