Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The gods do not visit you to
remind you what you know already.
from: The Crystal Cave
by: Mary Stewart

Waka Waka Kenya 2011 from Rebecca Shumway on Vimeo.

Becca is one of the talented people that went with Clark to Africa this last summer. I've been hearing all along how gifted she is with a camera and video. Well now we have proof!!!
Its only three minute long...wishing it were longer...but what an amazing adventure these kids had!!
Clark still gets that far away look in his eyes when asked to recall his trip there. I know he wants to go back...soon! This will forever be a highlight of his life...Im sure of it!!




Carly Stephenson said...

wow!!! how fun!!!!!!!

Anna said...

That was so cool!!

Spencer said...
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Pam Hill said...

Gave me shivers to watch that. I am so proud of Ben and Clark. What wonderful men they are.