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And Now I See The Moon
I've been going back and reviewing older posts...all the way back to 2007.  I have discovered that I have let slip the things that are most important to me for this blog.  My  motivation for the blog was to have my kids and their kids to get to know their mom and grandma.  To have them know what makes me click. To let them know what's important to me.  My dear cousin Kim made a comment not too long ago...that it was understandable that I would change the tone of my blog..due to the upheaval in our lives...but...I should be 'adjusted' by now....and if not...then I should write about it!!  Doing the alphabet series was great fun for me all those years Im going to give it another whirl.  I look forward to comments and input.  I look forward to the challenge...and I look forward to 'reposting' some of my old favorites.

I know I can do this because I went to London
on my own, and because I solved the mystery
of "who killed Wellington?" and I found my
mother and I was brave and I wrote a book and
that means I can do anything.
from: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night
by: Mark Hadden

I did an A for Anna a few years was while she was on her mission.  
I also did an A is for Ample several years ago too.
Funny how things a relatively  short amount of time.
Anna is now home, married, is a step-mom and will soon be the mommy of a little boy of her own.
And...."ampleness????"....well....lets just say the lens has changed.
I still have ample blessing.
I have ample love, friends, and ample health.
But there are huge differences in my life as well.
lets get back to Anna.....A is for Anna.
She has ample space in that long, lean body of hers to grow little Benjamin.
She has ample adoration from her man.
She thinks she has ample amounts of aches and pains, as her body changes and makes room for Benjamin. (Just you wait my love!!)
She has ample ideas and determination to have a wonderful birth experience  and she has ample opinions on how and what to eat.
In other words, she has been blessed with many wonderful, good things in her life.  She has been wonderful and good, and a blessing  in our life too!!  She has been my light, my go-to girl when I need to talk or need a pick- me- up.
She's too far up there in the cold and she juggles a lot for a young chick; including having to provide room and board for My Builder as he is spending a great deal of time up there.
She's a beautiful mom-to-be who hates having to go to work.  She would love to be able to stay home and be cook, housekeeper and nest builder.
Her needs are simple...good lov'in, food, snuggles and a good movie seems to keep her content.  (sort-of)
We have so much to look forward to.
Thanksgiving together with her and David and  dear Lucie too.
Baby showers
Rabbit stuff
and getting used to the idea of not having them here for Christmas. tear
Then there is January....waiting for the blessed arrival of baby Sherwood...when I get to travel to the arctic weather and be there for his entrance into the world!!  Why oh why January in Logan!!!!??
Thank you my dear!!
I love you!!!
I am so proud of you!!


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Anna said...

That was nice mom, thank you. And I love you too!