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Its Friday...What Made You Happy This Week?

A gift is only a gift when you give someone
what the person wants. It is not a gift
if you give what you want them to have.
from: Mutant Message Down Under
by: Marlo Morgan

L is on the end..trying to stay warm!!!

* Baby boys...turning 3, which makes him a baby no more!!  But boy is he adorable!!!

* I had a dream...a very vivid dream...which is significant in and of itself....that my Brian gave me a present...a gift that I really, really want...of a baby squirrel!!  Days later I can still see its beautiful black eyes sparkling at me!  sigh....maybe someday.

*Temple attendance

*My Builder came home for a few days.  Thats the stuff that happiness is made of.  And even though he left again yesterday...its all good, 'cause we think great things are happening with the rabbit food endeavor.  Pray for us today!

* Breakfast this week with 'my girls' was well attended and we had a nice time.  We had Pumpkin, walnut waffles, hash brown, (for no meal is complete without potatoes) hot chocolate and juice.  We discussed what was going on in school, sang one of the girls happy birthday, and talk a little about the power of forgiveness..especially the love and mercy that our Heavenly Father has for each of us!!

*We got the major headache of working with the DMV on line worked that Elder Bri can finally get his driving record sent to him in California. I guess this means he can be in a car....instead of on foot or on a bike all the time.

*Clark called...just to say hi.

*Found this darling blog.  If you want to smile and feel warm and fuzzy and a part of something greater...go check it out here.

* Soccer is over for the season...just in time...its too cold for little boys to be out on the fields!!

I'd love to hear about your week too!!  Share a highlight or two!!

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