Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I kissed them once and then again- and then again
and again.  How can there ever be enough?  But
before I blow out the candle, I vow to remember
this, this night, to remember what whatever life
holds, it is really only this that matters, this fullness of heart.
from: The Many Lives & Secrets of Josephine B
by: Sandra Gulland

Lost my camera before Thanksgiving pictures of the whole gang.
Found my camera on the morning of Anna's baby shower...whew

Thanksgiving was a wonderful affair. Many hands make light work. 2 turkeys, funeral potatoes, pumpkin pie, plus all the in-betweens!!!
Tables in the front room, decorated by Lucie; kids on the golf-course, without their coats; grandson taking a dip in the fountain....Good times!! Good memories!!! Many thanks to all those that pitched in and traveled here to make the season bright and fun and delicious!!

And even though it makes Anna uncomfortable, just like her mom, being the center of attention, she is so grateful to reap the benefits of such generosity from friends and family at her shower.
And...she didnt cry... even though the package of booties nearly did her in. She seems to hardly believe that in 2 short months she's going to be the mother of a baby boy.
Burp clothes, bibs, blankets of every variety, buntings, and darling outfits seemed to have done the trick of making it all more real for her.

Daughter in laws with talent oozing from every pore and great big hearts were the ones who paid attention to the details of the shower...Which of course made all the difference.
I was in charge of the food. Which had nothing to do with the above pictured cake pops!!!! How adorable and yummy are they!?!!?!! Not to mention the garlands and tissue paper pom-poms hanging from the ceiling!!! Thank you Natalie and Chelsea!!!

hand-knitted booties by Grandma Sharp!! adorable!!!


Sharon said...

How wonderfully fun!!! I wish I could have been there, but I'm glad you had the Stephenson cousins and Kelly there. We're all thinking of Anna and Dave and their little one.

Linz said...

Hi Aunt Cindy!! Oh, I get so jealous when I see all of my fun cousins and family gathered together! I wish I could be there! Anna looks amazing, and I am so excited for her! Have a great Christmas!!

Pam Hill said...

Me too. Its no fun to miss all the family get togethers. So happy for Anna and wish her well.