Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
...he realized that he was achieving an entirely
different regard for Time--considered as property.
A week ago he had sat before the window with his
elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands viewing
the current day as an encumbrance. No convict, doing
a five year stretch, could have had a lower opinion
"now." Phil had been borrowing from the future by
plastering the present with unsupportable mortgages.
from: Precious Jeopardy
by: Lloyd Douglas

I dont read enough biographies!
A good friend from Canada recommended this book for me to read!

This was an easy read and very enjoyable and quite informative.
Easy in that flowed well and had no soap box stance   to even touch on politics or the like.
Enjoyable because I learned so much about what it would be like growing up blind in our colorful world.
Informative cause I learned a LOT about  new, advanced technological devices  there are out there to help the blind get along better.
This book dealt with one mans experiences on 9/11. That was the difficult part of the book, reliving what  I felt when I found myself viewing the attack from the sidewalks of the streets of Paris!!  Its not fun "going back."
The author- Michael Hingson,  was on the 78 floor of one of the World Trade Center Towers when the terrorist flew the plane into the offices 18 stories above him!  Roselle, his guide dog, and most trusted companion made their way down the stairs...and its fascinating to "see and hear" his experiences in that extreme moment of stress and confusion and fear!!
 Excellent book!!!

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