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And Now I See The Moon

There seems to be a pattern in choosing books for me to read.  This time it was the third choice being the charm -in finding a good book to read...  at least in finding a book that captured my imagination and heart.  First I started with A Fine Balance...for it came so highly recommended by a dear friend whom I trust.  Truth be was the second time I've tried to read this book...and this time I waded a LOT 250 pages...but still, I decided to once again put it down to find something better.  My friend loves this book because she loves India..she's been there...a lot.  I was not enthralled.  It was interesting I suppose...but I could put it down for days...and then almost had to force myself to pick it up and continue.  Thats not  good kismet for  a book.  There are so many lists are unruly  So I admitted defeat...not because its a difficult read in the just wasnt captivating  me.  
So then I picked up the book,  Confederacy of Dunces.  I read less than 20 pages and threw it in the garbage...for recycling...literally!! What a bunch of nonsense and profanity and sexual exploits of a dunce!!!  What a waste of paper and a Pulitzer prize!!!
So now...finally...thanks to our new, reconvened book club...a book I just couldnt put down!! make it even was 300 glorious, hardbound pages of history, drama, intrigue and heroism!!  Its a wonderful book!! It has reinvigorated my feelings of pride for country and the people that struggled so hard and split their blood and sweat and tears for America!  Its re-instilled my awe and gratitude for this great country we call home and for the men and women who sacrificed so much to have it thrive.
The villains are villainous, war is hell, and right is right!
Even the photos in this book had a vivid quality to them- much better than any thing I remember in my school textbooks. The faces of the 'characters' in this drama are haunting and alive!!
So finally...HIGH marks for a book...dont be put off by it author, Bill O'Reilly...hes not preachy, hes just passionate about his subject...President Abraham Lincoln!! This book reads like a novel...meaning, I couldnt turn the pages fast enough to see how it ends...even though  I knew very well how it does end...sadly of course...but triumphantly as well.   
***** big stars!!!

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Lisa said...

I've got this book on hold at the library! Love your lists...keep it going.