Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
A little nonsense now and then, is
cherished by the wisest men.
from: Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator
by: Roald Dahl

taller....?????.....than Josh............dont think so!!!!
fouled out...but man did he play hard and well!!  Its going to be a great season!!
Rogers/Sharp cheering section!!!

high scorer of the game!!! Way to go Stephen!!!

It was worth it!!?? Yes it was! Our short weekend up north was a blast!  Havent seen my bro in ages...and Cougar basketball is a treat!  Next game I hope to attend...USU vs BYU in Logan!!

 (As I wander into the Marriott Center, by myself, I took an opportunity to introduced myself to  Coach Rose as he was "coming to work," I acted brave, shook his hand  and told him how proud I am to have 2 nephews on his team.  He raised an eyebrow...I dont think he knew....
the fun never quits!!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there - enjoyed seeing you. Sorry we left early and missed the after-game dinner. You rock!