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And Now I See The Moon

Its Friday...What Made You Happy This Week?

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone
structure of the landscape- the loveliness of
it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits
beneath it, the whole story doesnt show.
-Andrew Wyeth

*Just for fun Cheryl and I hiked the Colosseum.  It was like revisiting a long lost friend.  It was wonderful to be in Snow Canyon State park...without my 'official' hiking hat on.

*We finally celebrated Joes birthday, and had a house full. It was so nice.  Plus Sharon and Kim and Grandma Stephenson joined us for dessert and the blowing out of the candles!!

*Our oldest grandson was in his first Primary program.  Before it started he would whisper in my ear that he wasnt going to do his part...he just wasnt...yet..when the moment of truth arrived.. voila...he did it!  Its incredible that we have a grandchild old enough to participate!!

*Football on the back lawn with the grandkids...its always surprising to realize that yes..each of our kids are unique and different from one another , and now..each of our beautiful grandchildren are just as unique and glorious as their parents. Some will play football, some will not. Some eat their vegetables and some will not.  Some are budding artists and some are not.  Some are quiet and some are NOT!!!  Some are rough and tumble and some are easy going. Each and every one of them are loved and adored for each and every growing attribute they enjoy!!

*I spotted a road-runner!  Good karma!!!

*BYU white and blue game was encouraging!! Josh and Stephen played great.  Our road trip to Provo today is going to be fun!!!  Go Cougars!!

*Winter threatened...and then went away!!! Thank heavens!!

seriously...share what made YOU happy this


Cindy Winward said...

Reading your blog everyday makes me happy. I learn from you. I don't feel so alone in my struggles and find hope in yours. You are a gift to my life and that makes me happy.

Cindy said...

Thank you Cindy! you are indeed me and many others!! Thank heavens for friends!!!

Dixie Mom said...

I'd say being in Snow Canyon was a highlight. :)

Anna said...

It went by fast! Feeling my baby moving inside me all week was also fun, oh and going to our hypnobabies class!