Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
To be without some of the things
you want is an indispensable
part of happiness.
from:The Conquest of Happiness
by: Bertrand Russell

This is the actual road which our Bri is living on right now...with some members of the Church!

It seems like FOREVER since we've seen the mug of our handsome son!! Pictures are a rare treat. Today the mail brought us a delightful handful of glimpses into his missionary life in Southern California. Manna was made delicious....mailed pictures where my boy looks so great is better than delicious!!! The work is tough in California, a lot, in part, seems to be due to Prop 8??!! My boy is learning and growing by leaps and bounds!!! We are so proud of him!!!

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Sharon Mae said...

Handsome boy like his brothers with goodness all over his face!