Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Listen!!! the wind is rising, and the air
is wild with leaves. We have had our
summer evenings, now for October eves!!

-Humbert Wolfe

We had wind, and white billowy clouds. We had thunder in the distance, though never felt a drop of rain. The leaves are just beginning to change. Next week, in Zion, will be spectacular!!
Yesterday in Zion was spectacular!!! It never, never disappoints!! And our guests are delightful too. They are here from Florida...and are finding our red rocks every bit as delightful as their white, sandy beaches!! (well, almost)

There I am...trying to embrace the changing of seasons. Under my breath, Im grumbling big time. Im not ready for winter!!!! Bah Humbug to winter!!! I love my Keens and my shorts oh so much!!!

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Anna said...

Mom!! Seriously! I think you need to be a photographer! You have a hidden talent! I am serious! Very impressive!