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And Now I See The Moon
You're something between a dream and a miracle.
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Whether you think it may be too late or too soon....I'd like to share the last few memories that friends and family had of our dear Anna and Davids wedding...just 2 or so months ago.

, Davids sister in law responded with this insightful memory-
"I really enjoyed that we were able to come a few days early and go hiking with Dave and Anna. I had only met Anna one other time and it was so great to spend time with Anna AND David, they are such a happy couple.

I am also a sucker for the dance with the Father of the Bride and the Bride. To me that dance symbolizes so much. I vision that the Father of the Bride and the Bride (but more so the Father) have some of their most memorable memories together going through their heads and knowing that the dance will be another added memory as it was such a huge day for both of them. I think it also shows the Father's approval (on some level) of giving his daughter away."

Uncle Joe shared these fun memories for the Sharp family-
"Our memories of Anna and David's wedding-- The thing everyone in our family liked best was the dancing. It had been a long time since we were able to dance as a family or as a couple. We all had a lot of fun at the reception. The cake was incredibly great. All the chocolate lovers were in heaven. Amber also liked the balloon she was given from the decorated car and going back in and dancing with it. Meagan and Debbie also had fun preparing for the wedding with a 2 week wedding video marathon. We had debated giving Bob Father of the Bride for Christmas but decided to spare him. We did watch it and had a few good laughs in honor of him. Of course, seeing Anna walk into the sealing room at the St. George temple beautiful and with shining eyes will always be memorable."

Benjamin began -

"Hmmm... My favorite Anna and David memory... I don't really have a specific one from this past weekend but I have noticed that they are so good to show interest in other people's lives, like my own. They are great at showing that they care about others and are happy for others when they are happy. I also thought that their first dance was absolutely adorable. Ha ha, really though. It was a great weekend!
Thanks for letting me be a part of the celebration!"

Dear friend Betty shared this with Anna and David-
"I knew from the very first time I met David that you two were meant for each other. I see so much endearment and respect in your eyes and in your actions. Anna, I guess it is so evident to me that I 'love' you because you are so very much like your mother (whom I adore) but your father also. I will never forget the sensitivity and interest you have shown me as we talked frequently about my challenges. Your wedding day was beautiful. Your family is special and loving in every way. May your life be a journey of all the things you two desire and work for. "

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Anna said...

That was sweet mom...thank you! Love you!