Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


Then I remembered what Lill had
said just before falling asleep
in the motel the night before.
"You never can tell when a bad
thing might make a good thing
happen." I realized that good
and bad were always there and
always mixed up in a tangle.
from: Savvy (2008)
by: Ingrid Law

(my handsome Builder and our beauties!!!!)

People continue to ask about our move.
They ask how I 'feel' about it?
I'm going to try and do some 'outloud' reflecting on the subject-

The physical move was fairly painless. There was no deadline, thank heavens. So no rush. We dribbled in and we dribbled out- until we found ourselves at that inevitable final step...moving the beds. That marked the true end of life on Count Fleet, and the beginning of life looking out on the golf course. Its very peaceful here. Its very quiet here.

There of course is some fall-out. Its probably coincidence...that with this move came less visits with the kids and their beautiful babies. (shucks...we're only 3 minutes deeper into Bloomington!!) But alas...its still true. We are seeing less of the grandkids. But....when I think harder...I realize that our move happened at about the same exact times as the kids are making moves of their own. Both sweet families will now have mortgages of their own now, with much to do, and nesting to accomplish. Its all terribly exciting for them. And a worthy distraction I suppose.

Re-nesting here has been a rather enjoyable experience for me. And I've been formulating a list in my mind of some of my 'new beginnings' as well:

*Im thinking of forming a new book club. I miss grown-up ladies and their conversations and insights to life and literature.
* Clark begins school and work very soon- so for sure I'll be seeing less of him to soon too. sigh...
*Brian took control of his own destiny and landed in sunny, warm, Ventura, California for his mission!!!
* Early mornings now have a hint of autumn in the air. (I have serious mixed feeling about this!!)
*We have a new ward/church family now. I think that without small children,who seem to force socialization, it takes longer to find ones place.....???
* ZNHA is taking a new look at itself as well. ...maybe a new mission statement and purpose??? (Zion will also have a newly paved road come autumn time too!)

Life is good, simple, and uncomplicated for us right now...and I'll take it, with a healthy dose of gratitude!!!

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ann said...

An armful of grand babies - what could be better?!?